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Please refer to the full terms and conditions of Glider Pilot Network in conjunction with the Cookie Policy.

Glider Pilot Network requires the use of web browser cookies for the applications to function correctly. Cookies are used solely for the purpose of allowing a user to log in and access the various applications and do not contain any personal or security information.

The following cookies are required by Glider Pilot Network for full functionality:

  • PHPSESSID - To identify your web browser session to the Glider Pilot Network server

The following cookies are optionally stored in the cases where you elect for your device/web browser to remember various details:

  • always
  • stored

In addition to the cookies set by Glider Pilot Network, other cookies may be set by third parties that have content on the Glider Pilot Network website. Third party cookies may be set by:

  • Google - For advertising and statistcal services

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